ClaviCologne zu Gast bei Mozarteum

International Festival 3–8 April 2023

zu Gast bei Mozarteum

International Festival and Academy


About Salzburg

The history of Salzburg is intertwined with some of the greatest composers of humankind. The name “Salzburg” originated because of salt production from salt mines surrounding the city. Hosting numerous events at the world-class level in various areas of performing arts, the so-called “City of Mozart” thrives on tourism and prides itself on its symbiotic relationship with visitors and cultures from all around the globe.

A unique combination of scenic alpine landscape and architectural richness has led to Salzburg’s reputation as one of the world’s most beautiful cities. Because of the building activities of its later archbishops, however, little remains of its medieval architecture, and several buildings were damaged or destroyed by fire in 1818. Its chief glories are the episcopal buildings and the Bürgerhäuser, displaying an Italian Renissance and Baroque influence that earned Salzburg the designation of “German Rome”.

 As the capital of its homonymous federal-state, Salzburg ranks in the top four of Austria’s biggest cities with a population of 0.15 million. The historic center of the city was added to the UNESCO World Heritage List in 1996.